4activeC2 dummy is a free standing 3D target with radar and visual properties,  like a real car. The dummy is crashable up to 65km/h from any direction and is rebuild in two minutes by two people. For transport  4activeC2 can be disassembled. The car  has reflective light,  optional available are active lights and indicators. For 4activeC2 spare parts include - label panels,  locking system,  wheels.

key features

  • easy to build up with a system of zippers and fasteners
  • build up for first time in 10min
  • rebuild after a crash in 2min - car stays in one shape after crash
  • crashable up to 65km/h without damages
  • wheels are true dimensions - width and diameter
  • modular system for transport and exchanging spare parts
  • reflective light panels in the front and in the rear
  • reflective license plate
  • 3D side mirrors