4activeHT is available for static, articulated and for deer target - these dummies are for testing passive IR systems like night vision. The heated cover consists of heating mats, laminated on the inner side of the cover to achieve an optimal heat transfer to the outer surface. The heating control unit is able to control 5 different zones (face, arms, hands, torso and legs). The cover is equipped with 10 sensors to control the temperature.

key features

  • heated covers are available for different dummy types
  • specialized for infrared sensors - e.g. night vision test
  • separate heating zones are adjustable
  • the heated cover of the dummies are powered by a battery at the roadside
  • heating control unit is in the torso of the dummy
  • heated dummies are crashable up to 20 km/h - cables with special plugs release during a crash
  • uniform distribution - no hot spots