4activeFB is a navigation system  controlled platform for testing AEB VRU  scenarios. The platform has a extremely low profile and is very robust, can be driven  over  by  passenger and commercial vehicles.   With its special materials   4activeFB offers a very low  radar cross section, nearly invisible.  

key features

  • all wheel drive - 3 wheel drive
  • GNSS/INS compatible system (Novatel, OXTS, RaceLogic, Genesys, iMAR)
  • safety system - open safety network
  • 2nd safety CPU - for all safety relevant operations (emergency stop, safe low speed/torque, timeout of datas,...)
  • all antennas are obstructed in the platform - completely waterproof
  • 2 antenna system high performance GPS + Glonass/ IMU - RTK L2 solution
  • polymer cover with reinforced structure
  • robust - overdrive with heavy vehicles (trucks) is possible
  • very low radar cross section
  • ground clearance is adjustable with air suspension