The mobile test rig 4activeSB can be easily transported. System  installation is performed by two  people in about half an hour.  The system works battery powered, with a minimum operating time of 10 hours at low temperatures.   4activeSB is  for testing with  pedestrian targets - articulated, static, deer and cyclist. Longitudinal and crossing scenarios are possible to test.   

key features

  • build up and disassembling in 30 minutes
  • for testing with all pedestrian dummies, bicyclists and slow motor cyclists
  • triggers via light barriers or GPS/IMU (Novatel, OXTS, RaceLogic, Genesys, iMar)
  • easy to operate via WLAN - with laptop or control panel
  • triggering of the dummy is automatic
  • correction of velocity during GPS testing
  • battery powered - possible to test a whole day - power supply with 230V