The mobile test rig 4activeXB can be easily transported. The system needs no fixed power supply, it is powered by a 2kW generator. This system is waterproof - all  components are, at least, IP64  protected.   4activeXB can attain more speed - up to 65km/h, it´s more  realistic for tests with motor cyclists or car parking scenarios. Also pedestrian dummies and bicyclists are compatible.   


key features

  • same key features as 4activeSB
  • GNSS/INS triggered system (Novatel, OXTS, RaceLogic, Genesys, iMAR)
  • safety system with remote control
  • for bigger, faster and heavier targets - motorcyclists, half cars
  • testing crossing and longitudinal scenarios
  • parking test scenarios
  • power supply with a 2kW power unit - in peak power situations a super capacitor with 17kW is inside
  • waterproof - IP64 leveled
  • to operate with laptop or tablet and safety remote control