4activeBS has rotating wheels for realistic characteristics. The  following test scenarios are  possible and the dummy crash able - crossing with 60km/h and longitudinal with 45km/h. The dummy is build upon a modular system and spare parts are easy to change. The torso of the dummy is adjustable to different angles, from a sporty position to a upright.  A further option for the 4activeBS are movable pedals and additional  reflectors.   

key features

  • rotating wheels, if they are on the ground
  • for longitudinal and crossing scenarios
  • longitudinal crashes up to 45km/h differential speed
  • crossing test up to 60km/h crashable
  • torso and legs removable, bike is able to fold up for transport and storage
  • adjustable position of the torso with two handle bar sets
  • very easy to exchange spare parts
  • very robust - clips on the back wheel opens during a crash
  • tensioning ropes offer better stability
  • reflectors - white: front and wheels, red: back, orange: pedal