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4activeSB is the official Euro NCAP propulsion system to perform all AEB/AES-VRU tests. With the open standard concept, it is very easy to precisely synchronize with all driving robots and GNSS/Inertial systems (full synchro). 4activeSB is the best partner to handle your high test volume every day and the first choice of organization’s like Euro NCAP labs, JARI, CATARC, IIHS that define future standards.

key features

  • approved by Euro NCAP for the 2020 protocols
  • fully compatible with all driving robots/dGNSS-systems
  • full synchro mode for a very accurate collision point
  • fast installation in about 30 min
  • battery powered system - operating time up to 8 h

complies with

  • ISO 19237
  • ISO 22078
  • Euro NCAP 2018, 2020
  • ISO CD 22737
  • CNCAP 2018
  • JNCAP 2018, 2020
  • Asian NCAP