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The bicyclist target 4activeBS is the official Euro NCAP bicyclist target (EBTa) and represents an 50% adult male on standard average European utility bike. It is extreme lightweight and of a soft structure to prevent damage on the VUT. Its modular system allows an easy and fast exchange of spare parts. Combined with 4activeSB or the driverless robotic platform 4activeFB-small it is the most efficient ADAS testing solution.

13a: 4activeBSadult

key features

  • approved by Euro NCAP for the 2020 protocols
  • 50% adult male on an average European utility bike
  • extreme lightweight and soft structure
  • rotating wheels with realistic Micro Doppler
  • realistic response for Radar-, Lidar, Camera and IR-Systems

complies with

  • Euro NCAP 2018, 2020
  • ISO 19206-4
  • ISO CD 22737
  • ISO 22078
  • JNCAP 2020
  • ECE R131
  • Bicyclist target ACEA specifications: Version 1.0 – November 2018