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4activeOD - solutions for Child Presence Detection (CPD)

4activeSystems wants to help those who are in need of protection. Technological solutions for Child Presence Detection (CPD) are available that can detect a child’s presence in the vehicle and immediately alert the vehicle user or third-party services. Since we have always been in compliance with standards and regulations of safety (NCAP/UNECE), our new product will help in preventing any harm that might occur to an infant being undetected in a car. Our new 4activeOD-newborn, dummy which works for advanced child presence detection systems with realistic radar-, Infrared- and camera- response, shows, that various  breathing patterns will play a major role in preventing such tragic accidents, like infants being forgotten in overheated cars. The dummy can imitate many realistic movements of infants, for example breathing or sleeping. It is able to cover all the requirements specified by EuroNCAP in their latest test and assessment protocol – child presence detection.

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