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4activeSystems is at the forefront of active vehicle safety, focusing its expertise on state-of-the-art testing technologies to evaluate and improve traffic safety. Our extensive portfolio includes all active safety dummies, test track automation solutions with highly automated robotic carriers and various vehicle dummies specifically designed for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving (AD). We are committed to setting new industry standards and continuously improving our products and processes to meet the requirements of organizations such as ISO, NCAP and UNECE.

At the heart of our offering are highly automated robotic platforms designed specifically for future ADAS and AD testing, fully compliant with Euro NCAP VRU and related ISO standards. In addition to precise dynamic swarm trajectories, our advanced test technologies include features such as live monitoring, automatic reporting and open interfaces (OTX), enabling extensive connectivity through a mesh framework. As a trusted partner to numerous vehicle manufacturers, test laboratories and automotive suppliers worldwide, 4activeSystems remains committed to developing solutions that advance active vehicle safety on a global scale.

As a pioneer in advanced testing technologies for active vehicle safety, 4activeSystems is committed to providing innovative solutions that help reduce road accidents while meeting the highest international standards worldwide. Our team of experts works closely with leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers and test institutes to develop high quality safety solutions. We place particular emphasis on open and standardized interfaces to ensure seamless connectivity with a wide range of development tools.

Test Track Automation

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Engineers working in ADAS testing and active safety face increasing challenges due to the growing demand for comprehensive test solutions. As technology advances and safety regulations continue to evolve, the complexity of these tests is growing rapidly. This places a greater strain on resources and underlines the urgent need for integrated test solutions. Our 4activeControl, the highly automated test track solution, is essential for accurate and efficient testing of ADAS and autonomous driving technologies, enabling manufacturers to meet stringent safety standards and improve vehicle performance.

Our response to these challenges is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that sets new standards in the industry. We offer ultra-flat, robust and easy-to-use robotic target carriers designed specifically for ADAS and autonomous driving technologies. Each model in our 4activeFB range is Euro NCAP approved, ensuring high speed accuracy with an overrun capability of up to 40 tons. Our system meets the highest safety standards, including E-NCAP, C-NCAP, UNECE and ISO, ensuring seamless integration and synchronized operation with predefined scenario databases and a scenario generator.

Our solutions provide the ground truth data necessary for accurate sensor calibration and validation, ensuring that every ADAS operates with the highest levels of measurement accuracy and confidence.

ADAS Targets

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Our range of ADAS targets represents the original benchmark in ADAS targets, developed through extensive industry-focused projects based on in-depth research and expertise. These targets embody advanced engineering and deep knowledge. Although our targets may look similar to others, 4a targets are actually the highest technical standard on the global market, unique fulfilling all specification from the related Standards.

Producing sensor characteristics requires intricate, high-tech engineering. Our targets are uniquely engineered, making them stand out from the crowd. They undergo rigorous certification by a reputable third party (TÜV) to ensure compliance with ISO standards, guaranteeing unmatched quality and consistency across all units.

Approved by NCAP, ISO and UNECE, our targets deliver accurate and reliable results that are essential for the advancement of automotive safety technology. They play an essential role in the development and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), enabling manufacturers to significantly improve vehicle safety and performance.

In-Cabin Dummies

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Child Presence Detection (CPD) systems in automobiles have emerged as a critical advancement in ensuring passenger safety, particularly for vulnerable occupants such as children. These systems are designed to detect the presence of a child in a vehicle and minimize the potential risks associated with unintentional leaving or exposure to extreme conditions. The need for CPDs arises from alarming statistics and tragic incidents involving children left unattended in vehicles, which can lead to fatal heatstroke or other dangers.

In parallel with CPD, advances in in-cabin sensing technologies have revolutionized vehicle safety testing. These technologies, exemplified by in-cabin dummies, replicate human movement and sensor response with remarkable accuracy. They are critical for validating the effectiveness of in-cabin safety systems in various scenarios, including emergency situations. Using visual, infrared and motion sensors, these dummies enable comprehensive testing under a wide range of conditions, ensuring that safety protocols respond effectively to real-world situations.

At 4activeSystems, we have been at the forefront of developing and building these advanced in-cabin dummies, known as 4activeOD dummies. These dummies demonstrate our commitment to innovation in automotive safety and provide essential tools for rigorous testing and validation of in-cabin safety systems.

ADAS Equipment

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Our range of ADAS equipment provides essential tools and systems for comprehensive testing and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Designed to meet stringent industry standards and specifications such as E-NCAP, C-NCAP, UNECE and ISO, our equipment ensures accurate and reliable test results. With easy-to-use interfaces, pre-defined scenario databases and seamless integration capabilities, our solutions support the efficient development and evaluation of ADAS technologies.

From sensor calibration tools to advanced data acquisition systems, our ADAS equipment portfolio is essential for manufacturers aiming to optimize vehicle safety and performance. Our solutions facilitate the entire development process, from initial concept to final validation, ensuring that ADAS technologies meet the highest standards of safety and functionality.

By using our advanced equipment, manufacturers can effectively reduce development time and costs, while ensuring that their ADAS systems are both robust and reliable. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that our customers have the tools they need to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.
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