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4activeEQ-Wall - view blocking obstruction for VRU testing

The 4activeEQ-Wall is a crucial tool for testing the effectiveness of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems for vulnerable road users (VRU), such as bicyclists. This full view blocking obstruction is specifically designed to simulate real-world scenarios in which a vehicle may not be able to see a bicyclist on the road due to various obstacles. The 4activeEQ-Wall is built to run parallel to the bicycle path and is a permanent fixture, ensuring consistency in testing. It is designed to meet the requirements outlined in the EURO NCAP Test Protocol for AEB VRU Systems, which are the standard for testing the safety performance of vehicles in Europe. The Euro NCAP Labs are currently using the 4activeEQ-Wall as an important part of their testing procedures, to evaluate the AEB systems of different vehicles and to ensure that they provide an adequate level of protection for bicyclists. Overall, the 4activeEQ-Wall is a vital tool for enhancing road safety for vulnerable road users, and for ensuring that the AEB systems in vehicles are as effective as possible in preventing accidents.

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