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The vehicle target 4activeC2 v7.1 is approved for the Euro NCAP 2020 ADAS tests and represents the Global Vehicle Target (GVT). Combined with the driverless robotic platform 4activeFB-large it is the best and most efficient ADAS testing solution. The extreme low weight and the soft structure prevents damage on the VUT. The robust construction allows testing under rough conditions and the modular system enables an easy and fast change of spare parts.

key features

  • approved by Euro NCAP for the 2020 protocols
  • designed for efficient testing - 2 minutes build time.
  • extreme lightweight and soft structure
  • realistic response for Radar-, Lidar, Camera and IR-Systems
  • aerodynamically stable for high speed testing

complies with

  • Euro NCAP 2020 (ISO 19206-1)
  • ISO 17387
  • ISO CD 22737
  • ISO NP 23792-1
  • ISO DIS 20901
  • ISO 22178 :2009
  • ISO CD 19206-3
  • ECE R131
  • TB 025 from Euro NCAP 2018