4activeSystems crash targets and moving platforms are Euro NCAP certified!

Euro-NCAP has completed its workshop on approved test equipment for the proving ground. Therefore, the results will be published soon in an official report from the Technical Bulletin in issue TB029. As always, 4activeSystems was there with its soft crash targets and moving platforms. We are proud to announce, that our 4activeFB-small mobile platform has been approved. Our FB-small platform officialy can be used in combination with VRU’s like EPTa and EPTc (pedestrian adult and child), EBT (bicyclist) and EMT (motorcycles) for up to 80 kph. We are delighted, that our platform is listed on the NCAP supplier list for all VRU´s and motorcycles.

Bahaa Salhab – Sales for crash targets and moving platforms at 4activeSystems

“This platform is the best investment the automotive industry can possibly make for ADAS and AD testing! Customers don’t have to invest in two different platforms, one for pedestrians/bicyclists and one for motorcycles. 4a has the complete solution in a single platform!” said Bahaa Salhab, head of Global Sales and Marketing at 4activeSystems.

NCAP Labs and 4activeSystems

We are also delighted that 6 NCAP LABS all over the world have chosen our 4activeFreeboard small, which is very easy to precisely synchronize, for official testing. Among them are the ADAC (Germany), the ALP.Labs (Austria), the BASt (Germany), the CSI (Italy), the Idiada (Spain) and the NARLABS (Taiwan) – thank you for working with us.

4activeC2 – soft crash target

Moreover, our car target for C2C-testing (4activeC2) is officially listed as global vehicle target (GVT). Not only is it certified for homologation testing with our 4activeFB-large, but also in combination with other platforms, such as the ABD GST100. Our soft car target is well known for its lightweight design, easy assembly, cost effectiveness and is very easy to transport compared to other targets on the market.

soft crash target (4activeC2) during setup

NCAP and ISO requirements for targets and platforms

Fortunately, several of our 4activeSystems dummies are on the NCAP supplier list due to their quality and compliance. The pedestrian, cyclist and motorcycle are the only dummies on the market worldwide compliant with all NCAP and ISO requirements.

crash target (4activeMC) with rotating wheels and moving platform (4activeFB-small)

Based on the latest NCAP workshop it was also agreed upon, that the motorcycle target will receive a minor upgrade. The wheels on the existing target will need to be replaced with new wheels. Which contain a micro-Doppler device, that simulates or replicates a rotating wheel. The control/triggering of the rotating wheels will be done automatically by 4activeSystems via the mobile platform, without any additional equipment.

Thanks to ENCAP, our customers and partners for their trust in our moving platforms and crash targets, which allows us to continue our journey towards success.

Please feel free to contact us under rfq@4a.at for any assistance you may need.

4activeSystems crash targets and moving platforms are Euro NCAP certified
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