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4activeFB-small and Autonomous Outdoor Forklifts

In material handling and logistics, autonomous forklifts and lifting systems play a critical role in improving efficiency and safety. To rigorously test these machines, specialized test platforms are essential, as they need to withstand extreme conditions. This is where the 4activeFB-small platform comes in; notably, it has established itself as the thinnest and most stable on the market. Additionally, its unique features make it an ideal choice for ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of autonomous systems in diverse operational environments.

4activeFB-small capabilities in forklift testing

The 4activeFB-small platform uniquely supports forklift loads of up to 27 tons, maintaining stability even under the influence of rubber-wheeled devices, the main load on the front wheels, or rigid axles. This capability allows for realistic testing scenarios.

Moreover, the platform facilitates the integration of numerous dummies, enabling the replication of a variety of scenarios beyond realistic testing.

As a result, the 4activeFB-small enables comprehensive testing and optimizes the safety and performance of autonomous forklifts and lifting systems.

Another feature of the 4activeFB-small platform is its drive-over capability. The platform’s robust design enables it to endure being driven over without compromising structural integrity. This quality makes it an ideal choice for test environments requiring replication of various scenarios to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of autonomous systems.

KAnIS – Cooperative Autonomous Intralogistics Systems research project by Linde Material Handling and Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

A remarkable example of the successful use of the 4activeFB-small platform and the 4activePA dummy is the project by Linde Material Handling and the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. In this project, the platform was used to test and optimize the performance of autonomous forklifts under real conditions. The results of this project underline the relevance of the platform for the further development of autonomous material handling technologies.

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4activeFB-small and Autonomous Forklifts
4activeFB-small and Autonomous Forklifts
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