4activeSystems revolutionizes testing for future mobility solutions!

The 4activeC2-SUV new soft crash test dummy

In line with the vision and roadmap for 2030, “A safer future for mobility”, 4activeSystems is working on developing new testing technologies. These will enable the testing of new mobility solutions and pave the way for safer vehicles. One of the key tasks will be to promote vehicle safety developments while keeping in mind the diversity of humankind.

As the demand for testing solutions on the market continues to grow, there is a need for more diverse testing environments in the years ahead. 4activeSystems has set themselves the ambitious goal, to develop and release a completely different type of vehicle dummy, namely a new soft crash test target. This will allow customers to test with different kinds of targets, in order to improve the safety of passengers as well as road users.

The 4activeC2-SUV – a dummy bound to challenge the latest sensors and features

The 4activeC2-SUV soft crash test target is a result of this accelerated effort. It combines all the benefits of the current official ENCAP C2 car target (Guided vehicle target GVT) with the added benefit of a completely new structure. This evolution challenges the newest and most advanced vehicle sensors and features. The radar and visual properties of this target are the outstanding outcome of years of vigorous development with key figures in the industry. These subject matter experts provided us with valuable feedback during workshops.

Furthermore, it can be set up in about 2 minutes to reduce downtime on test tracks and maximize valuable testing time.

4activeFreeboard-large: An all-in-one solution for more diverse testing in line with ISO standards

When combined with the 4activeFreeboard-large, it is an all-in-one solution that puts forward more heterogeneity to the testing of tomorrow, in line with related ISO standards. For even more realistic results, additional light kits can be ordered separately, which include headlights, taillights, and indicators. The target is also compatible with other platforms such as the UFO and the GST100.

According to Bahaa Salhab, head of Global Sales and Marketing, “4activeSystems is already working on tomorrow’s technologies and attempting to put them on the market today. Different vehicles of different sizes are using the roads, and with this SUV target, our customers can test a wider range of virtual road users in addition to the standard ENCAP vehicle target.”

For more information on this new testing solution, please contact 4activeSystems’ sales department at rfq@4a.at, where we will be more than happy to provide you with additional details.

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