Euro NCAP certified version of motorcyclist target with microdoppler properties

Motorcyclist target and the Motorcycle Users Safety Enhancement Project

As part of the MUSE-Project, one of the tasks was to develop a realistic, harmonized and industry-accepted motorcycle and rider target. Finally, this can be used for testing and development of ADAS systems. The result was the 4activeGMT (Global Motorcyclist Target), which was presented as an official target in late 2019. Since ADAS systems continue to evolve, the industry requested an update to the existing motorcyclist target. The surrogate should include microdoppler properties that can be used by RADAR systems for better classification of moving objects – the new motorcyclist target with microdoppler properties.

Accreditation as official Euro NCAP target for motorcyclist target with microdoppler properties

This behaviour is generated by combined parts that have the correct relative velocities to the main object. In the case of our motorcyclist target (Euro NCAP PTW), this is given by newly adapted rotating wheels. In many workshops different concepts were evaluated from 4a by CLEPA. This evaluation resulted in an accepted system with very high similarity to real objects. Which in case of a collision is still robust and very easy to control and verify. This means a correct turning speed at a constant speed and especially during braking. As a result of a final Euro NCAP verification workshop in June 2022, the target was accredited as the official Euro NCAP Motorcyclist target (EMT). This can be used for 2023 VRU tests.

Our motorcyclist target with microdoppler properties

The target is finally ready to order. Existing targets can easily be updated by just exchanging the wheels.
Please contact RFQ Activesystems for more details.

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