Review: Safety Assist Ingolstadt

Safety Assist took place in Ingolstadt on September 22nd and September 23rd. Our Team was on site and Thomas gave us a brief insight.

As part of the Safety Assist practice conference, we were once again able to present our product innovations and further developments live at the test site. Our focus this year was on multiple object scenarios, China NCAP BSD scenarios and our latest product the FBeco. With this selection we were able to present the wide range of uses of our free-moving platforms to the visitors. We were also able to demonstrate how quickly and easily the future-oriented swarm scenarios with up to five participants as well as standardized NCAP scenarios can be carried out. With the first public demonstration of our FBeco, the smallest and ultra-thin autonomously driving platform on the market, we were able to arouse great interest among our existing and future customers.

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